**Predator Release: Sirius Chain Test Network Upgrade**

We’re proud to announce that Sirius Chain test network has undergone a significant upgrade! This is a precursor to the upcoming Sirius Storage test network launch.

What’s in v0.5.3 release?

New features

:star: Storage verification plugin:
The verification plugin was built to create a direct verification mechanism between the service units and storage. The primary purpose of this plugin is to verify the capability and capacity of a storage operator participant.

:star: Storage contract plugin:
The contract plugin enables storage operators to join the network.

:star: Inner exchange mechanism:
The internal exchange mechanism enables the on-chain digital exchange of service units and mosaics. This functionality is a precursor to the upcoming Decentralized Exchange offering.

:star: Sirius Chain Software Development Kits upgrade: The new features also introduce new functions on the Software Development Kits. This includes the Exchange Market (for Decentralized Exchange) and the introduction of ExchangeOfferAddTransaction, ExchangeOfferRemoveTransaction, and ExchangeOfferTransaction. Usage document for Java SDK is here and TSJS SDK here.


:white_check_mark: Performance of Validators and access to plugin configs.
:white_check_mark: EndDriveVerificationTransaction updated for storage of multiple block hashes.
:white_check_mark: Ability to pay for an entire storage drive, as opposed to each file separately.
:white_check_mark: Drive end notification implemented.
:white_check_mark: Validation to ensure space occupied by files do not exceed drive size.
:white_check_mark: Service plugin can now store drive root hash instead of a file tree.

Bug fixes:

:bug: SpinReaderWriterLock fixed.
:bug: Chain synchronization fixed.
:bug: Service plugin memory leaks fixed.

Action required:

All testnet community Validators are advised to upgrade their testnet node at block height 736347 (this is for testnet only, not mainnet)

Follow the instructions here.

What’s next:

We will be releasing Sirius Storage test network. Announcement will be published soon.

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