ProximaX Sirius Platform Test Network Upgrade

In our push to prepare the public network for the upcoming deployment of Sirius Storage and Supercontract, we have upgraded the public test network to deploy the plugins necessary to support these core platform services.

Sirius Chain enables the democratization of different services by creating a ledger of events and activities. Other platform core services (storage, Supercontract, and streaming) all exist in their own ecosystems, with each of these services using the Sirius Chain to manage identities, reputation, units (capabilities), events, and incentives.

In order to prepare the Sirius Chain for its intensive use by all the core services, periodic tests (hourly) on the test network are run while performing upgrades.

Sirius Chain Test Network Upgrade

Most of these upgrades were precursors to the release of Sirius Storage and Supercontract.

Sirius Chain Peer / Server Release

Version : 0.6.5


  • Removed cleaning of drive cache, and added a check to ensure exchange entry exists before cleaning.
  • Made signer of aggregate as part of the aggregate to be optional.
  • Restored spinlock implementation to manage multiple threads from blocking each other.
  • Fixed exchange cache cleanup process. The cleanup reduces the size which saves some storage space.
  • Fixed deadlock in UtUpdater – Unconfirmed Transaction updater.
  • Fixed bug in Harvesting UtFacade .
  • Added version three of the exchange offer transaction.
  • Resolved namespace ID during address extraction.
  • Added validation of the wrong offer type in exchange.
  • Created exchange entry version three on exchange notification version four.
  • Added clang support and build script for MacOS .
  • Added validation that mosaic in exchange offer has a greater duration than offer duration.
  • Added validation of ExchangeNotification for drive.
  • Added ability to disable deadline validation.
  • Added validation to ensure that block difficulties are ordered.
  • Added validation to make sure the timestamp of a new block is later than the timestamp of the previous block .
  • Changed the ordering of receipts issued during the end of the billing period.

Sirius Chain API REST Release Items

Version : 0.6.5

Updated dependencies.
Fixed bug that caused a delay in Sirius Chain response time.

Sirius Storage DFMS

Version: 0.8.0



  • Replication fixes to stabilize data transmission and replication.

New File method

  • Previously, it was only possible to retrieve any file from the Drive through its path. Provided change that enables this via file CID(hash).


  • Flush is now blocking and will wait until data is fully uploaded to the Replicators.

Blockstream ( Fairstream )

  • DFMS now uses the Fairstream protocol that is responsible for transferring data between nodes in an incentivized manner.

Bug fixes

  • Improper Contract duration handling in Compose.Zero hash in Ledger does not mean empty for Drive.

HTTP Gateway

  • The release comes with the first application written over the API – “Gate”. Gate is an HTTP gateway for DFMS.

What’s next?

For test network validators, an upgrade is recommended. Please follow the steps in the links below to pull the latest version:

For external system owners that use test networks (applications, exchange, etc.), you may now continue working on the public test network API nodes. Please run your integration tests, perform smoke tests, and go through your quality assurance policies and gates.

For ProximaX , we’ve been running tests in parallel on the test network and once we gain a level of confidence with these tests, we will proceed with the promotion of the upgrades to the public network. The public network promotion requires planning and communication on how to stake and participate in the ecosystem network. We will prepare these communication guidelines on how to participate (e.g., Replicators) and use the system (e.g., system integrators and developers).

Additional links

Please feel free to drop by our Helpdesk if you have further inquiries.

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