ProximaX Sirius Test Network Upgrade - March 25, 2020


We have started our test network upgrade which will include enhancements to support Sirius Storage and Sirius Supercontract. In addition, it’ll also include stability and performance patches.

What exactly is going to happen?

In Sirius Chain, there are 2 main types of upgrades, software and configuration. This new test network upgrade will have both. It begins with the Sirius Chain where an upgrade transaction (via upgrade mechanism) will be launched by the team that will change the native configuration.

Check here:

The height data there is when the upgrade will happen (at height: 1065291).

The nodes needs to be upgraded before the specified height in order for it to continue to validate nodes. We’d like to emphasize that there will not be any changes to the node reputation during this process.

If the node fails to upgrade before the height, it won’t be able to validate new blocks and therefore won’t be able to participate. Note that node owners can still upgrade even after the designated upgrade height by following the same onboarding instructions found here (pull new docker and run).

Once the network has agreed on this new upgrade, we will launch the storage and Supercontract.

Actions needed to be taken by the ProximaX Team:

  • Launch the upgrade mechanism transaction

  • Upgrade Sirius Chain nodes to 0.6.0

  • Launch Sirius Storage and Supercontract nodes version 0.7.0

Actions needed to be taken by the community / external contributors:

  • Upgrade Sirius Chain nodes to 0.6.0

  • Interested participants can launch their storage / Supercontract nodes using the storage onboarding guide here.

Thank you.